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RMS Announcements and Events

  • Exceedance 2016 Update: The Lab
  • Holistic View of Winter Storm Risk
  • Resources, Documentation, and Briefings

  • RiskLink and RiskBrowser 16.0 Release in May
  • Now Available: RiskLink and RiskBrowser 16.0 Pre-Release Materials
  • HD Models and Data Solutions in Europe Coming This Year
  • Europe Inland Flood Pre-Release Materials and Resources
  • Rebuilt New Zealand Earthquake HD Model
  • RMS Earthquake Modeling Workshops in New Zealand
  • RiskLink 15.0 Resources
  • RMS Thought Leadership

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  • Events and Speaking Engagements

    RMS Announcements and Events

    Exceedance 2016 Update: See You in The Lab

    In addition to the Exceedance keynotes and sessions, there's a central place we can all meet: The Lab. Here are a few highlights:

  • With many new offerings - including the world's first Marine Cargo Model, U.S. Flood Hazard Data, terrorism modeling advances, and European windstorm clustering methodology – RMS specialists will help you understand the impact these updates can have on your business.
  • As we explain the research and data in our models, you can explore the potential of RMS managed services solutions, how you can get faster access to new science with no IT overhead, and interact with new RMS(one) features, such as the release of Portfolio Management capabilities on RMS(one) that enable configurable exposure insights and rich accumulation analytics using RMS hazard layers.
  • You can see how to fully maximize your investment in RMS products, with representatives on hand from our Analytical Services, Client Solutions, Service Operations, and RMS Knowledge Center teams.

    Of course, our networking opportunities won't be all work and no play: There are pre-conference activities, evening receptions, bike building for charity, and the Exceedance Party (EP). This year's EP will be a vision in white, inspired by retro Miami and the greats, from Frank Sinatra to Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. Come dressed in white, ready to show off your dance moves to a five-piece band and DJ while enjoying specialty cocktails, delicious bites, a candy bar, photo booth, and more! You will also have the opportunity to network with your peers and the RMS team. See you there, and remember to come dressed to impress.

    Exceedance 2016 is May 16-19 in Miami. Take a look at the complete agenda. If you haven't registered yet, you need to soon. Registration closes April 14.

    Obtain a More Holistic View of Winter Storm Risk

    Winter storms account for around $2.3 billion of the total U.S. annual average loss, a figure that's comparable to earthquake and flood. In Canada, winter storms represent nearly a third of the country's total annual average loss. This short presentation has valuable information about taking a holistic approach to the variables in winter storm risk, critical for accumulation management and portfolio growth strategies.

    Resources, Documentation, and Briefings

    RiskLink and RiskBrowser 16.0 Upcoming Release

    RMS is pleased to confirm that RiskLink and RiskBrowser 16.0 will be available on May 31, 2016. This release date is for electronic downloads only. Physical media will also be available, as in the past, but shipments will begin two weeks following initiation of electronic downloads. We anticipate that all downloads will be completed within a few days of May 31. Please contact your account manager to schedule your download.

    Now Available: RiskLink and RiskBrowser 16.0 Pre-Release Materials

    As part of the pre-release guidance for RiskLink and RiskBrowser 16.0, the following materials are now available on RMS Owl: What's New in RiskLink and RiskBrowser 16.0 and U.S. Flood Hazard Data Version 16.0: Executive Briefing. For additional information regarding available or upcoming version 16.0 resources and documentation, please refer to the 2016 RMS Resources Page.

    Learn more about the upcoming RiskLink and RiskBrowser 16.0 release at Exceedance in The Lab and Mini Theater (don't miss the presentation on v16 service enablement) and also in special sessions throughout the conference. Discover the sources of uncertainty in windstorm clustering and how RMS has attempted to reduce this in version 16.0. Explore about the new RMS Cargo and Specie Model and how it can help quantify risks and uncover business. Search Exceedance tracks by entering "v16" to get more information on v16-related sessions.

    HD Models and Europe Data Solutions Coming This Year

    This year, RMS is releasing the first high-definition (HD) models, which are the next generation of RMS probabilistic models. These are full-simulation models and represent cutting-edge technology in all modeling components. A key focus of HD modeling is the simulation of losses in exactly the way they occur in reality: on the risk-coverage level per peril and sub-peril. The HD-simulation framework is a new paradigm for catastrophe models. It will provide an accurate flow of losses through all financial structures, as well as new insights into risk, and will widen the spectrum of use cases for catastrophe models.

    In support of these 2016 releases, RMS is pleased to announce the next set of client materials to assist in model understanding, change management, and validation work. In addition, this spring RMS will release a number of hazard data products to help manage and profitably develop Europe inland flood portfolios; these include pan-European flood hazard maps and new flood-focused peril rating databases. Find information and links to executive briefings, scope documents, and more on RMS Owl. Plus, there will be sessions at Exceedance to help you understand the impact of new methodologies used in the Europe Flood HD Models; search Exceedance tracks by entering "HD models." And you'll have access to RMS experts in The Lab to answer your questions on all the latest RMS solutions.

    Upcoming Europe Inland Flood HD Models

    The probabilistic RMS Europe Flood HD Models are the first high-definition (HD) models in the (re)insurance industry that will offer a detailed view of flood risk across 13 countries using the most advanced methodologies and data. In combination with the associated flood hazard maps, this comprehensive solution provides new tools to manage flood risk and expand profitable insurance business in Europe.

    Europe Inland Flood Maps Available Soon

    This month, RMS will release high-resolution return period flood maps for 13 countries across Europe. Derived from the forthcoming Europe Flood HD Models, the maps are the highest resolution flood hazard mapping tool available. They offer the most extensive number of return periods and flood depth bands in the market, as well as full flood defense information, providing insurers with the detailed knowledge required to make confident underwriting decisions.

    Released alongside the maps will be the RMS Peril Rating Databases, which will allow a complete underwriting solution at postcode level. The databases can be used to calculate an annual loss ratio for exposure at risk of flooding. This enables insurers to screen and rate exposure at the point of underwriting, utilizing probabilistic model information in a straightforward data product.

    Europe Inland Flood Pre-Release Materials and Resources

    Pre-release guidance materials for Europe Inland Flood are now available on RMS Owl: Europe Inland Flood HD Models and Maps: Executive Briefing #1 and Europe Inland Flood HD Models: Scope of Release. Written by top RMS flood experts, Understanding Flood: An Opportunity to Grow a Profitable Portfolio provides best practices for flood underwriting and insights into new technologies. Learn three principles for exposing hidden risks and opportunities in your European flood portfolio with this RMS blog. Sessions at Exceedance will provide opportunities to delve into more detail with model experts and discover how RMS provides a consistent solution to managing flood risk in Europe. Search Exceedance tracks by entering "Europe flood."

    Rebuilt New Zealand Earthquake HD Model

    This year, RMS will release the rebuilt New Zealand Earthquake HD Model. The new model updates all aspects of earthquake modeling in New Zealand, including introducing a simulation-based model framework and new methodology for modeling liquefaction. The new data and modeling techniques result in model loss differences between the 2007 model and the 2016 HD model. Read the directional changes executive briefing on Owl. More quantitative changes in results will be presented at Exceedance.

    RMS Earthquake Modeling Workshops in New Zealand

    The Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ) and the Earthquake Commission (EQC) are hosting workshops with RMS to educate the New Zealand insurance market and government bodies on earthquake modeling in New Zealand. RMS will showcase model results from the rebuilt RMS New Zealand Earthquake HD Model, which will be released this year. The workshops will be held in Auckland and in Wellington during the week of June 6. In the U.S., Exceedance, May 16-19, will cover the key model updates, including highlights of high-definition earthquake modeling. Search Exceedance tracks by entering "New Zealand."

    RiskLink 15.0 Resources

    Please visit and bookmark the Version 15.0 Resources Page for information about available version 15.0 resources.

    RMS Thought Leadership

    Expert Insights

  • Unlocking the Potential of Cyber Insurance
    RMS recently surveyed 40 clients already writing cyber insurance to understand the common challenges of the peril. Tom Harvey, Product Manager, Emerging Risks, discusses how RMS has tackled these concerns by developing a solution built on three core elements.
  • Are We Any Closer to Determining What's Going On in the Atlantic?
    Meteorologist Jeff Waters and Product Manager Tom Sabbatelli explore the current state of the Atlantic hurricane basin. With conflicting signals in key climate indicators anticipated, the scientific and risk management communities are talking about what this unique situation might mean for the upcoming hurricane season.
  • Flood – A Complex Peril to Underwrite: Get the Facts
    Rachael Whitford, Product Manager, delivers an infographic containing easily understandable, quantified talking points about the flood industry. The one-page factsheet also explains insurers' requirements, allowing them to confidently write flood business in relation to these highlighted points.

    Read more compelling insights from RMS experts on the RMS blog.

    In the News

  • Andrew Coburn, RMS on the Launch of a New Cyber Catastrophe Model
    Andrew Coburn, Senior Vice President, talks to re360 about why cyber accumulation risk is a key concern for the industry.
  • North American Floods, a 200-Year Return Period
    Jeff Waters, RMS Manager of Model Product Management, explains in Intelligent Insurer that the atmospheric conditions driving the recent severe weather and floods are extremely rare.

    Upcoming Events and Speaking Engagements

  • Earthquake Engineering Research Institute's 2016 Annual Meeting
    April 5-8
    San Francisco
    Justin Moresco, Manager of Model Product Management, will be moderating a session discussing the use of legal action to improve earthquake safety.
  • Seismological Society of America 2016 Annual Meeting
    April 18-20
    Delphine Fitzenz, Principal Earthquake Modeler, will be co-chairing the session discussing Risk Management Applications of Earthquake Seismology.
  • OECD Conference on the Financial Management of Flood Risk
    May 12-13
    Dr. Robert Muir-Wood, Chief Research Officer, will moderate the session, The Evolving Nature of Flood Risk - Understanding Flood Drivers and Impacts.