Cyber-attacks on businesses cause a ripple effect where the consequences are felt in capital reserves, operations, partnerships and future earnings. These attacks can be crippling, such as 2017’s NotPetya, which infected businesses from shipping ports to ad agencies to law firms, destroying their IT systems and costing billions. Cyber-attacks such as this are evolving along with their purpose.

Authors Andrew Coburn, Éireann Leverett and Gordon Woo estimate that total losses from cyber-attacks cost the U.S. economy over $500 billion a year, with $225 billion attributed to lost revenue due to this disruption.

So, how should you approach cyber risk? How should you manage your exposure? What can cyber risk cost your business?

From preparing for cyber-attacks, to addressing vulnerabilities, and measuring the threats to your business, Solving Cyber Risk: Protecting Your Company and Society is a book that offers critical insights for your business to better understand how to approach cyber solutions.

Download an excerpt of the book to learn more about the Anatomy of a Data Exfiltration Attack, and the cost of cyber risk to our society. You may purchase the book here.