Managing Cyber Insurance Accumulation Risk

System and Framework for New Accumulation and Modeling Strategies


To prudently increase capacity for cyber coverage, insurers need to understand accumulation and correlations. Assessing PML is a key determinate for setting risk appetite and understanding the potential scope of cyber catastrophes.

That’s why we created the Cyber Accumulation Management System in collaboration with the Centre for Risk Studies at the University of Cambridge. The system includes new software and a framework for cyber exposure reporting, plus a suite of cyber catastrophe scenarios for loss modeling. You can learn more in a 65-page report that outlines:

    • The changing cost landscape
    • Five cyber-loss processes
    • Frequency-severity distributions of loss
    • Portfolio-specific loss estimation
    • Safely expanding capacity

      Download the report today to see a framework for organizing and structuring your data and stress testing your portfolio against a range of cyber-loss methods.

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