Exposure Magazine from RMS® brings together topics of special interest to catastrophe and risk management professionals. In this first edition, experts from across RMS share their views, from the resilience analytics revolution to the impact of extra-tropical transitioning typhoons in Japan:

  • Stephen Moss in RMS Capital Markets, explains how traditional reinsurers, recognizing that third-party capital provides an opportunity rather than a threat, are opting to build or buy their own insurance-linked securities (ILS) fund management capabilities.
  • RMS seismology expert Megan Arnold details how secondary hazards, such as liquefaction, and the earthquake sequencing that hit the low-seismicity area of Canterbury, New Zealand, in 2010 and 2011 contributed significantly to the overall loss figures.
  • Robert Muir-Wood, RMS chief research officer, outlines how insurers can play a key role in advancing resilience analytics, and how the application of risk quantification can help make communities, cities, and countries more resilient.