Managing cyber risk is a continuing challenge as the market diversifies and grows. The affirmative cyber insurance market is now four times the size it was when RMS developed its first-generation cyber risk model in 2015, to organize exposure information and manage accumulation risk.

Cyber terrorism perils continue to be dynamic, with constantly developing threats, and events over the recent past have demonstrated just how invasive the world of cyber risk can be. The latest trends show how the threat is adapting in response to improved levels of security and reinforce the key principles of cyber insurance risk management.

The 2018 Cyber Risk Outlook Report summarizes the rapidly changing world of cyber risk and describes how RMS analysts and modelers view current and future risk. The report includes the latest updates on our new solution - RMS Cyber Solutions v3 - a platform for integrating models, data, and analytics, to provide a comprehensive and responsive way forward for cyber insurers.

View the report today. If you have any questions or want to discuss how we can help manage your unique cyber risk, please email us at [email protected].