Cyber Insurance Exposure Data Schema

Industry Standard for Identifying, Quantifying, and Reporting Exposure


Our schema, developed in collaboration with the Centre for Risk Studies at the University of Cambridge, provides the industry with a systematic and uniform way to capture cyber exposure data and manage accumulation risk. With the schema, you can:

  • Share and transfer exposure information in a standardized format for risk transfer transactions, benchmarking, and regulatory reporting
  • Report exposure aggregates by coverage type and potential loss characteristics with a granularity level that can inform risk appetite decisions
  • Estimate losses with different risk models and accumulation scenarios
  • Clarify silent or affirmative covers by identifying policies with ambiguity about whether they would pay in the event of a cyber incident

Download our 19-page report with details on how the schema can arm your company with agreed categories and a common language for managing the growing threat of cyber attacks.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss how we can help manage your unique cyber risk, please email us at [email protected].