Register for a Cyber Summit, the Terrorism Summit, or Both

The RMS Cyber Risk Summits in New York and London provide the chance to hear from leading experts about the latest trends and insights on today’s evolving threats – and how you can manage these risks while creating business opportunities.

The New York summits will be split into two parts, with the morning focused on cyber risk and the afternoon dedicated to the topic of terrorism. The London seminar will be focused on cyber risk only.

RMS Cyber Risk Summit – New York (Click Here for Cyber Risk Agenda)

While cyber risk is one of the major threats facing today’s economy, it’s also one of the largest insurance business growth opportunities.

But to take full advantage, it’s important to have clear visibility and a thorough understanding of the systemic nature of the peril driving potential cyber catastrophes. This requires innovative solutions to help mitigate the risk, manage accumulations and build a resilient cyber insurance business.

The RMS Cyber Risk Summit offers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of the cyber threat landscape and learn how the latest RMS software and services can help you drive profitable growth. Highlights include:

  • A thorough overview of the latest RMS product update including the key components used to build our newest cyber risk model
  • Gain insights on current and emerging trends in the cyber landscape from leading experts
  • Networking – opportunities to engage with the cyber industry

Note: In New York the RMS Cyber Risk Summit is in the morning, followed by the RMS Terrorism Risk Summit in the afternoon.

The RMS Terrorism Risk Summit (Click Here for Terrorism Risk Agenda)

U.S. terrorism risk is an imminent threat that must be managed. Terrorism insurance take up rates have remained robust, and the U.S. government Terrorism Risk Insurance Program (TRIP) backstop provides reassurance in the event of a large-scale attack. However, with TRIP due for renewal at the end of 2020 and the fluid threat environment, expert insight is valuable for insurers to make sense of it all.

The RMS Terrorism Risk Summit will provide insurers with the latest perspectives and useful insights needed to understand this threat, including:

  • Assessing the threat environment and counter-terrorism response from risk experts
  • Analysis of U.S. government TRIP renewal and policy changes on the insurance market
  • RMS Counterfactual terrorism probabilistic risk analysis

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Note: The RMS Terrorism Risk Summit in the afternoon is separate from the RMS Cyber Risk Summit in the morning.  Please register using this form for either event.