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RMS Flood Insights

  • Europe Flood Maps, Pre-Release Materials
  • October 1: Managing Inland Flood Risk Webinar
  • June and July Flood Webinar Recaps
  • Coastal Flood Risk: Lessons From Hurricane Katrina
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  • Version 15.0 Resources
  • Managing Flood Risk in Taiwan
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    RMS Flood Insights

    Europe Flood Maps: Pre-Release Materials

    The Europe Flood Maps, targeted for release this year, will offer a detailed view of flood hazard across 13 countries. The return period maps will be based on the same advanced hazard model methodology that has been used to develop the upcoming HD Europe Flood Model solution. This approach provides a vital representation of flood risk, including pluvial/fluvial flooding, both on- and off-floodplain. Used in combination with the associated HD Flood Model, this comprehensive solution will provide new tools to manage flood risk and expand insurance business in Europe. These pre-release guidance materials are now available on Owl:

  • Executive brief: scope and benefits of the new probabilistic Europe flood model and flood hazard maps
  • Scope of release: planned features to be included in the Fall 2015 release of the RMS Europe Inland Flood Maps

    Register Now: Managing Inland Flood Risk Webinar on October 1

    Our third flood webinar, Managing Inland Flood Risk, will examine the varying causes behind inland flooding such as tropical and extra-tropical weather systems, and share modeling solutions to help you better understand inland flood risk and manage potential impacts on your portfolio.

    Webinar: Managing Inland Flood Risk
    Date: Thursday, October 1
    Time: 8:00 - 9:00 a.m. PDT/ 11:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m., EDT/ 4:00-5:00 p.m., BST/CET
    Register Now

    Did You Miss Our June and July Flood Webinars?

    Check out the data-rich slides and informative webcast replays from our recent flood-focused webinars.

    The Big Picture on Flood Modeling
    Learn best practices, from technologies to underwriting guidelines, for understanding, managing, and growing your flood business.

  • SlideShare presentation
  • Webinar replay

    Understanding and Managing Coastal Flood Risk
    Hear key considerations for evaluating coastal exposures, including underlying drivers of coastal flood risk and important variables for ensuring accurate coastal flood modeling.

  • SlideShare presentation
  • Webinar replay

    Coastal Flood Risk: Lessons From Hurricane Katrina

    A Look Ahead at Storm Surge Impact - 2010 to 2100

    We just marked the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and with it came reminders of the lessons learned by the global insurance industry from what was the costliest catastrophe ever.

    More than 50 percent of Katrina's $41 billion in property and casualty insurance losses were driven by storm surge alone. Today, rising sea levels are contributing to increased risk of severe economic damage from flood following a hurricane.

    What can insurers expect in terms of storm surge-related economic loss in the decades ahead? We analyzed how rising sea levels may contribute to an increased risk of severe economic damage from flood for New Orleans, Miami, Tampa, Baltimore, New York City, and Boston through 2100. View our "Cities at Risk" infographic here. Download the complete research report here and read more insights in our complete "Lessons From Hurricane Katrina" coverage.

    Resources, Documentation, and Briefings

    Version 15.0 Resources

    Please visit and bookmark the version 15.0 resources page for continual updates and new information about available or upcoming version 15.0 resources.

    Managing Flood Risk in Taiwan: Executive Briefing

    The RMS Taiwan High-Resolution Probabilistic Flood Maps and Scenario Catalog will be available later this month. The maps and scenarios provide insight into potential flood depths for a range of return periods to support underwriting, accumulation management, and solvency testing decisions in Taiwan. Read more in the Taiwan Flood Maps Executive Briefing on RMS Owl.

    RMS Thought Leadership

    In the News

  • Matthew Grant, General Manager of Models and Data Products, added his voice to a roundtable discussion on modeling trends and changes in the August issue of Best's Review.

    Insights From the RMS Blog

  • How can we better prepare future generations to assess and mitigate catastrophic risks? Chief Research Officer Dr. Robert Muir-Wood discusses risk education.
  • Matthew Grant, General Manager of Models and Data Products, contrasts the banking industry's woes of the last decade with insurers' ability to remain resilient, attributing the insurance industry's success in part to external stress tests.
  • The idea of a "super" El Niño has become a hot topic in the media and is wrought with speculation and varying opinions. Kevin Van Leer, Product Manager of Model Product Management, takes to the RMS blog to separate fact from fiction regarding a "super" El Niño.

    September Speaking Engagements

  • 2015 Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium
    September 1-2, 2015
    Dallas, Texas
    Hemant Shah, CEO and Co-Founder, presents at the symposium.
  • PRI in Person 2015
    September 17-18, 2015
    Kuala Lumpur
    Stephen Moss, Director of Capital Market Solutions, presents on how to use financial solutions to manage disaster risks.
  • Global Seminar on Disaster Risk Financing: Developing Effective Approaches to the Financial Management of Disaster Risks
    September 8-10, 2015
    ICC, ExCel Centre, London
    Dr. Robert Muir-Wood, Chief Research Officer, joins the panel discussion "Putting a Price on Climate Disaster" at the annual meeting of the U.N.-supported group Principles of Responsible Investment.
  • Climate Data Summit
    September 21, 2015
    New York City
    Paul Wilson, Vice President of Model Development, joins the panel discussion "Climate Data in Action: Climate Risk Modeling and the Reinsurance Industry."
  • Catastrophe Risk Management Seminar
    September 30, 2015
    America Square Conference Centre, London
    Jessica Turner, Director of Product Management, participates in the "European Windstorm Model Comparison" session.